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Engineer's Office and Secondary Roads


1000 Central Ave.
Northwood, IA 50459
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Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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Engineer's Office and Secondary Roads

Duties and Responsibilities

  • All surveys, plans and estimates for road, bridge and culvert work are prepared in this office.
  • The county engineer has supervision of all construction and maintenance work on secondary roads.
  • It is the duty of the engineer to work in strict cooperation with the board of supervisors in the planning and supervision of the construction and maintenance of secondary roads.
  • All labor payrolls and claims for materials, equipment and supplies are certified by the engineer before presentation and final approval.
  • The engineer makes an annual report to the county and state of all expenditures for road funds.
  • No one is eligible for this office who does not hold a professional engineer's license.
  • The county engineer is appointed by the board of supervisors.


The road system of the county is divided into two (2) classes, primary and secondary roads. The secondary road system is made up of farm-to-market roads and local secondary roads.

The primary road system is under the supervision of the state highway commission represented by a maintenance superintendent. Funds for the construction and maintenance of the primary road come from the automobile license fees, federal aid and the gas tax.

The secondary road system is under the supervision of the board of supervisors and the county engineer. Funds for these roads come from tax levies and secondary road fund and from the county's share of road use tax.

The county's farm-to-market system of roads comprises about 242.394 miles connecting the different towns of the county and also connecting with roads leading into other counties. This system is under the supervision of the county engineer and the board of supervisors for construction and maintenance.

Fast Facts

Graded and surfaced with crushed rock 476.12 miles
Paved roads 217.2 miles
Total 693.32 miles

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