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Effective October 3, 2022 Winter Hours The Worth County Treasurer’s Office will be open Mon-Fri from 8am to 5pm This is subject to change, please call 641- 324-2942 to confirm Driver’s License will be open until 4:30pm for limited services


A telecommunicator/dispatcher is the lifeline that connects citizens with emergency services, by receiving incoming calls and complaints and dispatching them to the proper departments.

Our dispatchers must compile, evaluate, prioritize, and disseminate all information to the proper department(s), deputy(s), or officer(s). They, also, monitor alarm systems, maintain and update many records, files, and logs, maintain confidentiality, get certifications required for their job and keep them up to date, be professional, conduct any and all other business and duties for the county as directed by the sheriff, monitor deputies, officers, and emergency personnel to ensure their safety, and many more daily operations associated with the sheriff’s office. In other words, they must do multiple jobs at the same time in a professional, orderly, and business-like manner.

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