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Conference Board

The Worth County Conference Board serves as the governing board for the office of the county assessor. The conference board has the responsibility of appointing members of the examining board, members of the board of review, and the assessor.


  • establishing and adopting an annual budget for the assessor
  • approving the position of deputy assessor and the number of deputy assessors
  • reappointing the assessor and employing appraisers and other technical help


  • the mayors of all incorporated cities whose property is assessed by the county assessor
  • one representative from the board of directors of each high school district who is a resident of the county,
  • members of the county board of supervisors

Each unit has one vote and two of the three units have to agree in order to pass a vote on any related matter. The chairperson of the county board of supervisors shall act as the chairperson of the county conference board and the county assessor as a clerk.

Conference Board

Enos Loberg, County Supervisor
Mark Smeby, County Supervisor
AJ Stone, County Supervisor
Nick Bailey, Mayor
John Bork, Mayor
Rebecca Martinson, Mayor
Douglas Moehle, Mayor
Timothy O'Keefe, Mayor
Corey Puliju, Mayor
Rick Scholbrock, Mayor
Bradley Christianson, School Board Member
Northwood-Kensett School District
Kari Osheim, School Board Member
Lake Mills School District
Jean Schilling, School Board Member
Central Springs School District
Kim Severson, School Board Member
Forest City School District
Kyle Tabbert, School Board Member
St. Ansgar School District

2024 Conference Board Meetings

March 19, 2024 · 6:00pm
February 13, 2024 · 6:00pm

2023 Conference Board Meetings

2022 Conference Board Meetings

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